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Simpson’s Recreation Center

Simpson’s Rec was the place to go on a hot summer day when I was growing up. I learned to swim in its massive(larger than an Olympic size) pool. It had a diving board in the deep end as well as a slide. The bottom of the pool had cartoon characters painted on the bottom.
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Chicago Part 2

I totally just realized that I had not posted the rest of the Chicago pictures I took. Here ya go! The shot above and below were both taken from Navy Pier. The top shot is of the Chicago Harbo Lighthouse standing gaurd over the harbor. The bottom is of a ship that takes tourists for
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Chicago in Panoramas

We took a trip to Chicago for my cousin’s wedding and had a great time! Chicago is a beautiful city and I couldn’t help but take shots of its great skyline! The shot above is looking back at the city from the end of Navy Pier. The shot below is looking out at Lake Michigan
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So on our honeymoon I was lookin at these beautiful wedding rings my wife had custom made, the beautiful engagement ring we designed together and had custom made, as well as my 50mm 1.8 lens and the beautiful setting and decided that I needed to put them all together! I proceeded to lay down on
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OBX – Part 2: Wildlife

The great thing about the Outer Banks is that no matter when you go it is teeming with wildlife! Tons of birds of all sort abound. Above is a Ruddy Turnstone. They were very much like the sanderlings running towards the waves when they receded and away from them when they returned. They had great
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OBX – Part 1: Pelicans Abound

Ahhhhh, the Outer Banks. As most of you know I got married 2 weeks ago and my beautiful wife and I honeymooned in the Outer Banks of NC. The house we had was on the beach and it was just awesome! Of course I had my camera with me and I was shooting away. This
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Aged old

I went with my Fiancée and her family to Williamsburg this winter and while I was there I found a stash of really old pictures… Or I just made the pictures I took there look really old 🙂 I couldnt help watching the period costumes and horse drawn carriages and wondering what a super old
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So, in honor of the dusting of snow we got last night, I am posting some shots of the snow we got over Christmas while I was in the ever beautiful Semora, NC, at the home of the parents of my beautiful soon-to-be wife! Who coincidentally had the idea for the shot above! I feel
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So why is the first picture of water? haha. I know its been a really, really long time since I have posted, but I have good news. My camera has not been idle so I have a bunch of posts lined up covering fall to winter! The first shot above comes from a visit to
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Holy Carp…

Spent a long weekend at Smith Mountain Lake and had a great relaxing time! Got some great shots at a marina where there was a feeding frenzy of carp! They were huge and there were a ton of em! The local dog got a little annoyed that the carp kept stealing his pop corn. This
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