» Down on the Bayou

Down on the Bayou

Down on the Bayou
We recently went down to Louisiana and were definitely treated to the full flavor of the deep south!
The images above came from a feast of 250 lbs of crawfish. As you can see we ate well!
We also were lucky enough to be right on Bayou Teche. The next images are from the dock.
Seeing as shrimping is such a big industry down there, we popped down to check out some shrimp boats both current and past. The old ones were beautifully rusted and really had a nostalgic feel.
While we were down there we also got to go on a swamp tour. Though we didnt see any gators, the scenery was awesome!
Most of the water hyacinths had already bloomed, however there were still a few blooms about.

Below is an image of the I-10 bridge which is one of the longest bridges in the country.

I will leave you with a panorama from the boat as we started out on the swamp tour. The sky was really popping and it was beautiful!

We had an amazing time in Louisiana and look forward to going back!
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