» Northeast Park take 2

Northeast Park take 2

Northeast Park take 2

Went back to Northeast Park and shot some more images of the water with the nice blurred effect. Unfortunately I had one setting wrong on the camera (left image stabilization on) which left most of the shots blurry. Fortunately I was able to salvage the one above.

At the end of one of the trails there is a nice spot to sit and take in the peacefulness of the river. It also had some good opportunities to shoot really close to the water as seen below.

While hiking we go to share part of our hike with the Northern Water Snake (not venomous) who was taking in the sun’s rays on the bank of the river.

Finally, last Saturday we were sitting outside holding a yard sale and I looked over to our thriving garden and noticed how nice the light was falling over the parsley that we have growing there. I decided to snap a few shots and has made me keep an eye out to see if the light will play well with the vegetables and other herbs we have growing there!

With the arrival of spring I am definitely finding more opportunities to get out and shoot!

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