» Chicago Part 2

Chicago Part 2

Chicago Part 2

I totally just realized that I had not posted the rest of the Chicago pictures I took. Here ya go!

The shot above and below were both taken from Navy Pier. The top shot is of the Chicago Harbo Lighthouse standing gaurd over the harbor. The bottom is of a ship that takes tourists for a ride around the harbor.

No trip is complete with out visiting the Bean in Millennium Park. It really is a huge reflective bean and was fun to play around with.

As I mentioned in my previous post on Chicago, the reception was on a boat that sailed the rivers through Chicago and then went out on the lake. It spanned from Sunset into the night. Here are some more shots from that.

The moon was full and the temperature was awesome!

With the sun setting the lighting was perfect. This is a shot of the tip top of the Chicago Tribune Building.

Loved the epic feel of the Trump Tower with the sky and clouds as a back drop.

As we moved out into the lake the aforementioned ship decided to pose for me in front of the moon.

As night fell the city lit up and the was beautiful! I was able to catch a great shot of a spot light that circled on a building right next to the John Hancock Center.

That’s all for now. Check back soon for some post apocalyptic shots I took last week!

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