» OBX – Part 2: Wildlife

OBX – Part 2: Wildlife

OBX – Part 2: Wildlife

The great thing about the Outer Banks is that no matter when you go it is teeming with wildlife! Tons of birds of all sort abound. Above is a Ruddy Turnstone. They were very much like the sanderlings running towards the waves when they receded and away from them when they returned. They had great markings.

Below is on of the bagillion little crabs that would peek out as the tide came in. At night these guys were everywhere.

One day we took a jaunt over to Pea Island and did a quick hike into the wetlands on the back side of the islands. Even though it was super hot and the may flies were out in force it was still a great location with a good amount of birds. Below is a pair of White Ibis’ that were wading through the water feeding.

Seemingly covering the super shallow areas were these little sandpipers.

Rounding out the wildlife portion is another shot of the Ruddy Turnstone staring out into the water as sunset.

Come back next week for some of the great sunrise and landscape shots I got! Just to wet your apatite a bit, below you will find a show just before sunrise!

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