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Um… Wow!

Um… Wow!

I am sure you are looking at that first photo and you are stuck by 2 things. 1st: “Wow! What a beautiful picture!!”, and 2nd: “Wait a second, that is not JP’s name underneath that photo in pink!!” Welp, you would be correct on both accounts. Not only is it a stunning picture, but I did not take it!

I have never done a guest blog but after seeing this woman’s pictures I just had to. I would like to introduce you to someone very close to my heart. Cathy Barker. A couple months ago I let her keep my camera over a week that she was at the beach. I was awestruck with the images that were on my camera when I got it back! So featured today are just a few of the many!

I shall now turn the rest of this blog over to her!

– JP

Hello! Thanks for taking time to look at my pictures! I will start by saying I’m not a photographer at all. I hear JP and my mom (who is a photographer) talk about things like “F-stop” and what not and I don’t know what that means – I have just been lucky enough to get some good shots. For me it’s about perspective. How can I capture an image that speaks to me and to other people, how can I capture as many of the beautiful moments life gives us as possible, how can I look at things in different ways so as never to take things for granted. So following are just some such attempts! I hope you enjoy.

These next 2 shots are my vantage point for part of vacation – relaxing under an umbrella, taking in the sun from above and looking over at the ocean. I have always loved how white clouds pop in the blue sky, and the accents of pink and blue from the umbrella look good against the backdrop of the sky as well.


I actually stole/ borrowed the idea for the below picture from my sister-in-law, (and my mom may have done a similar shot) who took a shot like this at our last family beach vacation a couple of years ago. Our chairs are just waiting for us to return to the beach from a quick lunch! I love the gradation of the ocean and how it complements the blue of the sky.



I went out to my car one night and thought this palm would look nice sillouhetted against the sky. It turned out nicely – pure luck, since all I did was point and shoot!



This next picture is one of my two favorites from all of the shots I got this trip. I love the perspective of seeing the clarity of tiny grains of beach sand with the immense, powerful ocean in the background. It reminds me of Psalm 139:17-18 which talks about the thoughts of God outnumbering the grains of sand. It also reminds me that as small and inconsequential as our individual concerns and lives could be to God, who is way more immense and endless than the ocean, God has chosen to focus on our individual lives with clarity and intentionality.



These followings shots were all taken at sunrise. My mom and I went out most mornings at sunrise to take pictures of the sunrise and we were both able to capture some beautiful images of the colors of the morning!

A little change of perspective created a nice effect for these next 2 pictures.

If you follow JP’s blog, you know there is always the requisite panorama 😉 We have 2 for you here!

Here is one of the ocean view we had from the deck of the house. Very lovely.

This is the other of my favorite shots, I think it turned out really well. You can see to the north the rain falling, and the clouds look like they’re just draped over something in the sky. It was breathtaking to see, and thanks to JP and some editing they are pretty breathtaking as a captured image! Evidence to me of God’s handiwork!

Thanks for looking, and thanks to JP for letting me share his blog space!


I would like to thank Cathy for sharing some of her awesome talent with us! She comes by her talent honestly as her mother has a great eye as well! If I am lucky maybe I can feature Mrs. Terri Griffin Barker on here in the future!

I am blessed to have these beautiful and talented women in my life!
I hope you enjoyed!
More images to come soon as I am going to the lake this weekend and hope to shoot away!
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