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All over the place

All over the place

So I have been taking pictures but not a ton in one single place so in this post you will get a smattering of shots from the country, but not just from good ole Gretna, VA country. I was lucky enough to be able to snap some shots from the Semora, NC country too! Enjoy!

The picture above was snapped when my mother and I were cutting flowers for my sister’s wedding in Gretna. The mule was very inquisitive.

I loved this old Chevy sitting in the long grass! Made for a wonderful shot!

The cemetery was lit perfectly! I couldn’t help grabbin some shots.

Also, while at home for my sister’s wedding I took a chance to shoot the wild flowers that were blooming.

Sunset in Semora really added some color to these flowers!

That last shot brings the word “love” to mind. All red and passionate in the fading light of the day!

I hope you enjoyed!
Come back soon for more!!

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