» A bit more snow and a sunset!

A bit more snow and a sunset!

A bit more snow and a sunset!

So I went snowboarding a couple weekends ago and had a blast! I also had grand plans to take my camera with me while on the slopes. Unfortunately a couple years away from snowboarding really took its toll. So the beautiful first day was spent mostly on my butt, sans camera. Fortunately for me, it mostly all came back to me on the second day. Unfortunately for you, the second day was filled with poor shooting conditions.

I was able to snap some pretty shots while the conditions held:




This last shot was not taken on the slopes. On my way to visit my parents the last couple times I have past by this field, 10 minutes from my house, that had a commanding view of the sky. I took note and decided that when the sky was right I would run over and grab some shots. Well, on my way home from work a couple evenings ago I decided the sky was right. The crescent moon was out and the sunset gave great color to the sky. So I bypassed my house and went straight to said field (yes, I keep my tripod in the car and my camera with me at all times, haha). I was very happy with the results:

I am also looking forward to catching that location with a sunset full of clouds in the future. I will definitely be keeping my eye to the sky for other great sky shots from that location!

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