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A little of each

So 2 weekends ago I was up in VA and as usual I came away with some fun shots. I took the opportunity to shoot my sis and her fiance in the fields: Sunset always gives good lighting and I thought that was nicely illustrated by the way the light was falling on this tree.
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I have been asked and it has been suggested that I take more pictures of people, so this past weekend I did just that. I think I am getting better, but you be the judge: This is my soon to be nephew, he liked the camera. This is one of the singers in the band
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Part 2 as promised

Here is part 2 of the Gretna weekend. Beginning with a good ole John Deer green tractor that is dead in the field begging to be shot.     While in Gretna we visited my Uncle at his farm. Very picturesque.   On a final, unrelated to Gretna, note: Last night the moon rose large
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Back to what I know.

Gotta love when the clouds are puffy and the light is decent. Thought I would try to catch some shots before those puffy clouds turned into thunderstorms. Don’t forget to click on the image for a large view! And the flowers were in bloom:   I just really liked the colors in this shot. I
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An now for something completely different.

You may have noticed that I don’t have many pictures of people. I have to be honest and say that I don’t feel like I am that good at it. However I have done some and per a request I will show you some. These were taken at the wedding that I recently attended:  
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