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Got to shoot a bit!

My camera is still in the shop, but fortunately we bought my mother a canon xs for her 60th and guess what I got to use over the weekend!       Fun times up in Gretna!

Here Fishy Fishy

Went out to Lake Tillery in NC to go fishing. 14 hours, no sleep and caught no fish but did snag this picture! It was as beautiful sunset. Wish the camera was in total working order cause I would have had more. But I am definitely happy with this one! Until next time!

Happy Accidents

So as I was showing a co-worker how photoshop could take multiple images and remove all the people from them, I happened to chose the wrong option. And poof, I got this cool ghost people image. You can actaully watch the progression of the people as they walk down the street. Fun! Now this got
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