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Spent a good portion of the week in Boston and a photoshop convention. Loved it and came out with some fun shots! Enjoy!       Click above to view a larger version (well worth it) In other news, while I was up there my camera broke. Yeah, I was devastated. However I found that
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Picture for a Rainy Day

A leaf drips with rain Let the sound into your mind Dreams are made of this

A haiku for a picture

I thought it might be fun to post some pictures from the past and write a Haiku for them. So here is installment one: The view draws me in Staring into the distance Takes my breath away

Snow shadows

So it snowed this weekend and, of course, I had my camera ready. The first shot is outside my window at my apartment. The sky was really pretty so of course I started shooting. The next 2 came from Elon. The sun was bright, the shadows long and the snow was unblemished! It made for
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