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Holiday Hiatus

Holiday Hiatus

So the holidays came and that made for no chances to post and a small amount of time to shoot. Though I did get my new 75mm-300mm lens!!!!!

This was actually taken on out way to Mountain City, TN sitting in the passenger seat looking out the window.

This was taken on the beautifully foggy morning in Mountain City, TN.

This was the morning of day two of travel on our way towards Boone from Mountain City. The clouds were just silky. I couldn’t resist.

This was day 1 with my 75-300. I just had to go out and shoot.

As always Lucy came along and was more than happy to give me some opportunities to shoot some action.

She was also happy to pose in that majestic way only a chocolate lab can.

This is a close in shot of one of the streams that run through the land.

And what visit to Gretna would be complete without a panorama. This one Lucy posed for.

I can’t wait to get a chance to use my 75-300 more. I also received 72mm and 58mm polarized filters, some memory cards, 72 mm lens hood, a 1 terabyte external hard drive and a mono pod. The filters, hood, memory cards and hard drive should be in soon! Can’t wait to play!!! Check back soon!

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