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Tilt Shift

Tilt Shift, no, not pertaining to shaking a pin ball machine! Tilt Shift photography, or making something that is real life look like it is a minurature model. Make sure you click on them to see a larger view, it enhances the effect! What do ya think?      

Willets and Sanderlings

Wilmington offers more great shots. These first few are of some brave sanderlings that pretty much came right up to us!     These next 3 are of a couple willet that were running around on the beach.     And beach pictures would not be complete without at least one pelican! Check back soon
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Ahhh… The Ocean

We were down in Wilmington, NC a couple weekends ago and the lighting seem just right for black and whites:     This last one was just another case of everything falling into place. As I snapped the shot those pelicans flew right into frame. Love it when it all comes together! Check back towards
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