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Lucy, I’m home!

Say hello to my parents beautiful Chocolate Lab Lucy. She was kind enough to pose for me!   The following picture is an example of dumb luck turning into something cool. I had my camera set to automatically adjust shutter speed for the lighting. As I was shooting pictures of Lucy my father came out
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There’s no place like home.

Here are some shots from where I grew up: The foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.       Now some close in shots:     I would like your opinion on the next shot. I think it is one of the best, but I cannot decide whether I Like it better in color, or
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I Look out my window, and what should I see? A beautiful Osprey posing for me!       What do you think of the bigger pictures. I think I like em. Check back for more soon!


Can you imagine waking up to that every morning? I don’t have to! That shot was taken from one of the windows in our apartment and is a testament to the beauty of the place that we live! It is also now hanging on our wall. I love living on this river! The other image
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The last of Texas – Capital at Night

So here is the last of the images from Texas. We got to take a look at the Capitol Building at night… It was awesome!! We also got to look around inside. Also very very cool! And finally a Hitchcock throwback: Check back soon for some pretty shots from the beautiful place we live!!

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