» Some Big Bend Wildlife

Some Big Bend Wildlife

Some Big Bend Wildlife

So request from a comment made me take another look through the Big Bend images again and I have some more images that I hope you will enjoy (don’t forget that you can click on any image to see a much larger version):

Meet the Cactus Wren singin its little heart out:

This is a very friendly White-winged Dove:

And finally as per request, the Greater Roadrunner:

I also found a couple more scenic shots I liked:

I love the contrast of the dark rain clouds in the background and the semi-lighted bluff in the forground!

So we were on our way up to the Chisos Mountains and I am driving, everyone is asleep and as we begin our ascent the clouds are kissing the ridges letting the sunlight through in rays. I could not resist the temptation, so I quietly stop the car (in the middle of the road, because it’s Texas and no one is around and you can do this without dieing), get my camera out and start shooting away. Man, I had a great time!

I am still workin through images from the rest of the trip. Its no easy task going through 2200 images, but hey, you shoot em, you process em!
More to come soon!! Enjoy!

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