» Big Bend!

Big Bend!

Big Bend!

Welp, we are back from the Texas trip and here are some shots that I promised from Big Bend National park:

Big Bend gets about 10 inches of rain a year…. Somehow we picked the day it got some… Its foretasted temperature was about 100… current temperature when we started out: 68. Still the rain is beautiful over the desert.

We decided to head down from the Chisos Mountains and then the rain stopped and we got to see the Chisos as not many people get to see them. Cloud enshrouded:

The sun finally started to peak out to show us more of the beauty of this park:

And then the sun decided to stay and the temperature only just barely touched 90. We could not have asked for better weather for our visit to Big Bend!!!

Hope you have enjoyed the pics. If you ever get a chance to visit this wonderful place, you should jump at the chance!!! Well worth it!!!!

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