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Rosemary on Ice

I figure since it is so hot out, I would try to help cool things down with some shots I took after an early winter snow storm. The rosemary was peeking out and I loved the juxtaposition of the green herb on a field of snow. Location: Gibsonville, NC

Baby its cold outside!

Thanks to the fact that, even though Elon is closed due to the snow, my wonderful wife still has to work, I found myself on Elon’s beautiful campus with my camera and plenty of time! Thus a new blog post! The above shot is what I imagine the kids from The Lion, The Witch and
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So, in honor of the dusting of snow we got last night, I am posting some shots of the snow we got over Christmas while I was in the ever beautiful Semora, NC, at the home of the parents of my beautiful soon-to-be wife! Who coincidentally had the idea for the shot above! I feel
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A bit more snow and a sunset!

So I went snowboarding a couple weekends ago and had a blast! I also had grand plans to take my camera with me while on the slopes. Unfortunately a couple years away from snowboarding really took its toll. So the beautiful first day was spent mostly on my butt, sans camera. Fortunately for me, it
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