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A little light…

First, I would like to appologize for the lack of posting. As most of you know there has been a bit of darkness in my life of late. Along with this darkness came a lack of oppourtunity and subject matter to shoot. Guess thats winter for ya. However, this past weekend I went to Gretna
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Was in Gretna last weekend and shot some of the cattle that are pastured on our land. It was cold and as you can see, the light was really harsh. This was pretty much the best image I came out with, though I have to say that I did not shoot a ton (hands got
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Silver Lining

I was going through my images today and I stumbled upon this one taken in Nashville,TN and realized I had never done anything with it, much less shown anyone that I took it. Since I have not been able to shoot much of late I figured I would let you all enjoy this: Now, you
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Holiday Hiatus

So the holidays came and that made for no chances to post and a small amount of time to shoot. Though I did get my new 75mm-300mm lens!!!!! This was actually taken on out way to Mountain City, TN sitting in the passenger seat looking out the window. This was taken on the beautifully foggy
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I realized that I hadn’t snapped any shots of my fish with my new Canon so I promptly began shooting. I got some good ones and was amazed by the lack of noise in the ISO 1600 range (3200 had more of what I was expecting). Overall the fish played nice. Here are a couple
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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Finally got a chance to shoot our Christmas tree! I love the lighting that you get from just the lights on the tree.     I took a bunch portrait and decided to put them together. Makes a fun little combination: Should be interesting to see what I can come up with to shoot next!!
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I know what you are thinking: WOW! Two posts in one week. How could I be so lucky? Well I am trying to make up for the dry spell for last month as well as I capitalized on a great opportunity to shoot! Each year Elon University puts out its luminaries all over campus and
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End of November

Thanksgiving offered some great photo opportunities! I spent it at my parents in rural central Virginia. I love the country! I am not usually up at 5:00 in the morning. Though it was cold it was well worth it. Morning in the woods offered some great lighting which turned into some great black and white
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Sorry, I haven’t posted in a while, not had much content to post on. I had some hope for last weekend but alas it was rainy. So here is what I have of our fall: I walked outside to my car for work, before the time changed, and low and behold there was the moon
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Tilt Shift

Tilt Shift, no, not pertaining to shaking a pin ball machine! Tilt Shift photography, or making something that is real life look like it is a minurature model. Make sure you click on them to see a larger view, it enhances the effect! What do ya think?      

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