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Um… Wow!

I am sure you are looking at that first photo and you are stuck by 2 things. 1st: “Wow! What a beautiful picture!!”, and 2nd: “Wait a second, that is not JP’s name underneath that photo in pink!!” Welp, you would be correct on both accounts. Not only is it a stunning picture, but I
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All over the place

So I have been taking pictures but not a ton in one single place so in this post you will get a smattering of shots from the country, but not just from good ole Gretna, VA country. I was lucky enough to be able to snap some shots from the Semora, NC country too! Enjoy!
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A bit more snow and a sunset!

So I went snowboarding a couple weekends ago and had a blast! I also had grand plans to take my camera with me while on the slopes. Unfortunately a couple years away from snowboarding really took its toll. So the beautiful first day was spent mostly on my butt, sans camera. Fortunately for me, it
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Snowy Gretna

So I realize that it has taken quite a while for the last installment of the Gretna Snow. My excuse is that my camera decided to take a dive out of my backpack onto a hard tile floor. Never fear, it was insured and was able to be totally fixed at no cost to me!
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Snowy Gretna: Night lights

For installment two of Snowy Gretna I figured I would show some shots taken at night. The lights were making the snow glow with all kinds of fun colors. I couldn’t help grabbing some shots! I also really liked how the multi-colored lights were reflecting off some of the tree trunks down the driveway. I
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Snowy Gretna: Snow Dog

As installment 1 of Snowy Gretna I am starting off with Lucy, everyone’s favorite chocolate lab. She was kind enough to pose for me in the snow. I found out that Lucy really likes to play in the snow! Thus I got a good amount of fun action shots as she flew through the snow
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Snowy Elon

So we got a good bit of snow last week and when a good friend asked if I would go out and shoot the campus I totally jumped at the opportunity! There was a bit of freezing rain that gave everything a nice coating of ice.       I couldn’t help but snap a
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Thanksgiving in rural VA

As promised I was able to do some shooting while up in Va for Thanksgiving! I was out in the woods a lot and because of how wet and warm it has been I found all kinds of fun mushrooms. The morning light was breaking through the trees to light them for me.   I
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A closer look at Fall.

Yes, yes. I realize that I have already done a post of fall leaf shots. But, while visiting my parents I noticed that some of the trees still had a ton of leaves and that the light just happened to be falling perfectly for some good shooting. So I decided to get a closer view
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I know Halloween is past, but I wanted to show off a fun picture of a couple pumpkins that my friend and I carved. Mine is the one on the left. The picture had all the right lighting to make for a fun shot! With the arrival of the remnants of hurricane Ida, the last
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