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Northeast Park take 2

Went back to North East Park and shot some more images of the water with the nice blurred effect. Unfortunately I had one setting wrong on the camera (left image stabilization on) which left most of the shots blurry. Fortunately I was able to salvage the one above.

Painting with Water and Light

We took in a hike at Northeast Park last weekend and it was a great hike with over half of it following 2 different rivers. I brought my tripod and I got to playing with low shutter speeds to make the water have a more motion blurred look and I am very happy with the results. The first couple shots below feel like they could be an abstract painting. I love the effect!

Baby Gabrielle!

I would like to introduce my lovely Niece and Goddaughter Gabrielle! I was excited to get a chance to take some shots of her! As soon as she came out her eyes were wide open and even though most of my shots here are of her asleep, that is only because that is the only
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Train Tracks

For work we went out to shoot a train going by for a video intro we are doing. It was perfectly dreary and we were excited to get a gritty feel for the video… The train never came. On the plus side I did get to play with a few shots on the tracks.

Simpson’s Recreation Center

Simpson’s Rec was the place to go on a hot summer day when I was growing up. I learned to swim in its massive(larger than an Olympic size) pool. It had a diving board in the deep end as well as a slide. The bottom of the pool had cartoon characters painted on the bottom.
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Chicago Part 2

I totally just realized that I had not posted the rest of the Chicago pictures I took. Here ya go! The shot above and below were both taken from Navy Pier. The top shot is of the Chicago Harbo Lighthouse standing gaurd over the harbor. The bottom is of a ship that takes tourists for
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Chicago in Panoramas

We took a trip to Chicago for my cousin’s wedding and had a great time! Chicago is a beautiful city and I couldn’t help but take shots of its great skyline! The shot above is looking back at the city from the end of Navy Pier. The shot below is looking out at Lake Michigan
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So on our honeymoon I was lookin at these beautiful wedding rings my wife had custom made, the beautiful engagement ring we designed together and had custom made, as well as my 50mm 1.8 lens and the beautiful setting and decided that I needed to put them all together! I proceeded to lay down on
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Here comes the sun!

We were fortunate enough to have this view every day on the honeymoon. There were 2 days where I got up to see the sunrise. The shot above came from the first time I got up. The smoke from the wildfires played with the horizon making it indistinct which gave the shots an interesting look.
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OBX – Part 2: Wildlife

The great thing about the Outer Banks is that no matter when you go it is teeming with wildlife! Tons of birds of all sort abound. Above is a Ruddy Turnstone. They were very much like the sanderlings running towards the waves when they receded and away from them when they returned. They had great
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