» Baby its cold outside!

Baby its cold outside!

Baby its cold outside!

Thanks to the fact that, even though Elon is closed due to the snow, my wonderful wife still has to work, I found myself on Elon’s beautiful campus with my camera and plenty of time! Thus a new blog post!

The above shot is what I imagine the kids from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe saw as they emerged from it the first time.

The snow look so nice laying against the library:

I found this poor leaf being buried alive by the sleet:
I just really liked the look of the bark on this tree stickin up out of the snow.

This droplet of water was waiting in anticipation to drop to the earth:

The word that came to mind for this shot was “stark”:
Lastly and shot of a different lamp post. They are scattered all over campus and make a great element to shoot:
I hope you enjoyed!
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