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Heidelberg Germany!

Heidelberg Germany!

Hello! I realize it has been a looong time since I posted but in my defence I had over 3000 images from Europe to comb through. But I have finally made it through them and can start posting regularly now!!

So first and foremost let me refresh. My family and I went on a European trip for 2 weeks this summer. We started in Heidelberg, Germany. This is where my parents met and became engaged. We then moved on to Prague in the Czech Republic and then into Poland hitting Krakow and Czestochowa. Our final Stop was in Berlin, Germany. We also stopped on some smaller cities for lunches such as Nuremberg, Germany and Wroclaw, Poland as well as a castle on a mountain side in Poland called Pieskowa Skała. I will be posting pictures in order of the places we visited, so first up is Heidelberg, Germany.

This was one of my favorite cities. It is also one and the few cities in Germany that was never bombed in World War II. It holds a lot of charm and is nestled next to the Neckar River. We spent 3 days there and it was glorious.

The first thing we did when we got to Heidelberg is hop on a Neckar river cruise. This gave us a great flavor of Germany and Europe right off the bat. I feel like almost everywhere you look you see a castle or a cathedral or a walled city and the Neckar cruise was no different. The above mountain fortress is called Dilsberger. We also ran across a couple castles, some still inhabited and others just ruins.


The above castle was so precariously perched on the side of the mountain that it felt like it would fall into the river at any moment.

After the river cruise we spend the next couple days exploring the city. The it was the middle of the summer and as you can see below, the streets we colorful.

The second day we hiked up the Philosopher’s Way which overlooks the city. The hike was wonderful and the views were awesome. The first picture at the top of the post is shot from there as well as those below:




As you can see in the above picture. The castle is a very prominent part of the city. It over looks it all and has views of the city that are breathtaking:





It lived up to all the stories my parents had told about it and more! Definitely my favorite city of the trip! Check back soon for the next stop on the trip Nuremburg, Germany!

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