» Scenes from Semora

Scenes from Semora

Scenes from Semora

So we took a trip up to Semora recently for our niece’s first birthday party and as you can see while up there I got the opportunity to shoot a bit!
I walked outside to watch the above storm come in and while I was standing there marveling at the site I realized that I could be capturing this. I ran inside grabbed the camera and ran back out and was lucky enough not to have missed the whole thing!

The next day was beautiful and we decided to go and walk around the property. I had not seen much of it other than right around the house and was excited to take a tour. As we walked we began stumbling on blackberries! They were just ripening and it was great to pick and eat em!

Cathy and her mom went back a couple days later and picked a ton of em and we have had all kinds of blackberry goodness since!

We continued along hiking through the wood  and up some hills. At the top of one of these hills we suddenly crested the hill and broke out of the woods to this view:

The clouds were popping and the storm washed sky was a beautiful blue! It was breathtaking!
It was great to get to see even the small portion that I did of the beautiful Barker homestead. I cannot wait to get a chance to explore the rest of it!

Closer to home the chickens had been let out and I got some shots of them too!

The rooster was very protective and was eyeing me constantly.

Welp, thats it for today. I have a couple shots from our little hike at Lake Macintosh Park that I will post next week, so check back soon!

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