» Eno River Anniversary Photography Excursion

Eno River Anniversary Photography Excursion

Eno River Anniversary Photography Excursion

For our first anniversary, my wife surprised me with a jaunt over to Eno River State Park to hike and take pictures. It was perfect and such an awesome trip! We went down to the Eastern trails and as you can see from the above shot we found some great places to shoot. Below is a close up of that same section.
Don’t forget that you can click on all the shots to see larger versions!

As we began our hike one of the first things we came to was the ruins of the old Pump Station for Durham. You can see it on the left of the panorama below.

We also came along what seemed to be the leftovers of a dam complete with a spillway (below) that was enshrouded by the forest.

After we finished the Pump Station Loop we had a picnic lunch and then headed off to an adjoining trail that followed the river for 2.5 miles. Below is a great panorama that my wife took of one of the places we stopped.

Below is a close up of a small rapid in the same spot.

I will leave you with my favorite shot from the trip. It is a long panorama at the same spot as the very first shot in the post. I love when multiple long exposure shots come together like this. Please click on it to see the full size version!

It was an awesome excursion and I am so lucky that I have a wife that fully supports my photography and gives me opportunities like this one. I cannot wait to get back there and explore all the other trails in this great park!

Until next time!

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