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So on our honeymoon I was lookin at these beautiful wedding rings my wife had custom made, the beautiful engagement ring we designed together and had custom made, as well as my 50mm 1.8 lens and the beautiful setting and decided that I needed to put them all together! I proceeded to lay down on the sand and shoot away as people walked by looking at me like a was crazy!
Here are a couple of the shots that I liked! I think they are gorgeous rings and I loved having the beach setting for them.

I found a random shell on the beach that I thought it might display the rings nicely and as you can see below I definitely think it did the job!

My wife, Cathy, had the rings engraved with the phrase “Soulmate, Life Partner, True Love”. The shot below shows that off nicely.

Below is my favorite shot of the rings. It has all the elements that I love about the setting together in one shot!

I hope you enjoyed! Check back for more soon!

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