» Here comes the sun!

Here comes the sun!

Here comes the sun!

We were fortunate enough to have this view every day on the honeymoon. There were 2 days where I got up to see the sunrise. The shot above came from the first time I got up. The smoke from the wildfires played with the horizon making it indistinct which gave the shots an interesting look.

The shot below was taken at the same time. That house was right next door. (Its a panorama!! I bet you were wondering where the next one of those was.)

The next morning we got up for the sunrise the smoke had dissipated and a few wispy clouds were floating by and, as you will see, the sky was absolutely bursting with color!!



I love it when the everything aligns for some great shots!

Check back next week for some final shots of the OBX as well as some pictures I shot of our rings on the beach!

Also, Check out Lisa Boggs’ blog from Lisa Boggs Photography to see some of the truely awesome shots she took at our wedding!! They ROCK!

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