» Fire!



So why is the first picture of water? haha. I know its been a really, really long time since I have posted, but I have good news. My camera has not been idle so I have a bunch of posts lined up covering fall to winter!

The first shot above comes from a visit to Cedar Rock Park and playing with the old mill water fall. I hope to get back there sometime and get some more shots!

I am a sucker for fire. It is just so beautiful to watch and shoot so I was really excited to get a chance to shoot a bonfire!

For some reason the shot below reminds me of some of those pictures you see taken of something magnified a bagillion times.

I also played with some longer exposure settings to have some fun with the sparks:

I know, I know. You are like: “JP, we haven’t seen a panorama in like AGES what can you do for us?”
Welp, you won’t get one today but let me promise you that they are coming soon and just to give you something to wet your apatite until they are posted, here is a panorama-ish series put together of the bonfire billowing:

Check back soon for more of Fall and Winter!

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