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Snowy Gretna

Snowy Gretna

So I realize that it has taken quite a while for the last installment of the Gretna Snow. My excuse is that my camera decided to take a dive out of my backpack onto a hard tile floor. Never fear, it was insured and was able to be totally fixed at no cost to me! So here are the last of the photos from that trip:

For some reason this image really speaks to me. Its very clean and the one stalk of hay sticking out of the snow seems to speak volumes!

The landscape is just as pretty in the snow as in the summer:

You may recognize the tractor… I thought it made a great contrast of color against the black and white of the landscape.

So, with my new found knowledge of the greatness of having my camera insured and knowing how easy it was to get it fixed I am planning on taking it with me snow boarding this weekend! I hope to come out with some great shots and a working camera, haha! Wish me luck!

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