» Some Beach, Some Where.

Some Beach, Some Where.

Some Beach, Some Where.

So I only had one full day at Sandbridge Beach this year and the weather is what I would call playful, with a mix of rain and sun. This did give a couple nice oppourtunities to catch the cloudy sunset complete with golden rays:


The house we were staying in gave a nice view of the back bay and was drawn to these birds sitting on the power lines with the sparkling water as a backdrop.

The rain also led to a nice opportunity to try and shoot a rainbow. It was a lot harder that I thought it would be to capture the colors.

Finally I had my 75-300mm zoom lens with me for the first time at the beach and was hoping to capture some of the local wildlife close up. The light, however did not want to play nice. I was able to get a couple worth showing:


I will leave you with a shot of a lone Sanderling running across the beach. Turning this black and white really made it stand out to me. The solitariness of it all.

I am in my new house now and am thinking of buying a bird feeder to put outside my window. This should provide some fun chances to capture the local birds! We shall see!

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