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A little of each

A little of each

So 2 weekends ago I was up in VA and as usual I came away with some fun shots.

I took the opportunity to shoot my sis and her fiance in the fields:

Sunset always gives good lighting and I thought that was nicely illustrated by the way the light was falling on this tree.

Every time I drive by this barn I think: “If the sky is ever right behind it I am gonna stop and shoot it.” Well this time the sky was right behind it, so I promptly stopped the car, jumped out with my camera and shot a couple shots. I have more ideas for this barn in the future. I just have to wait for the sky to be right again. P.S. if you look realy close you will notice the bird sitting on the tip top of the roof, totally a fluke. I didn’t notice it until I was editing it.

I will leave you with one of my favorite panoramas I have shot in a while. It is very similar to the color one I posted a while back as it is in the same location. I couldn’t pass up the chance to shoot it again because the fields had just been cut, the round bales of hay were in place and the sky was perfectly complete with clouds. When I turned it to black and white I was very very happy with the result!

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