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Happy Accidents

Happy Accidents

So as I was showing a co-worker how photoshop could take multiple images and remove all the people from them, I happened to chose the wrong option. And poof, I got this cool ghost people image. You can actaully watch the progression of the people as they walk down the street. Fun!

Now this got me thinking. As I mentioned i nthe last post, my camera broke, but was able to limp along and so I was playing with shooting from the hip. I wasn’t sure how I was gonna composite the images, but that happy accident gave me the idea! What you see below is about 5 images put together of people walking through a revolving door.

This one is another 4 images using the same technique. It really accomplished what I had in mind for it. Giving the feeling of many people passing by.

This final one was not done the same way. It is an open exposure of the city street as cars go by, thus the cool glowing streaks!

Hope you enjoy them!!
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