» A little light…

A little light…

A little light…

First, I would like to appologize for the lack of posting. As most of you know there has been a bit of darkness in my life of late. Along with this darkness came a lack of oppourtunity and subject matter to shoot. Guess thats winter for ya.

However, this past weekend I went to Gretna and finally, I was able to see a little light. Among family in a familiar place I once again found moments to capture.

Sunsets in the country never cease to amaze me. The clouds decided to stick around and play.

Growing up in the country I really took for granted the beauty that surrounded me every day. I never paid attention to things like the sunset, or a loan barn standing on a hill.

These are things that I saw almost everyday. I am glad for the chance to capture them and show them off!

P.S. Have sold 7 pictures in stock so far and been accepted to 5 stock photography sites. It is a little slow but at least I am making a little money!
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