» Low Shutter Speed Playtime

Low Shutter Speed Playtime

Low Shutter Speed Playtime

Nothing like getting a tripod and then have a ton of fun with low shutter speeds. A big thanks to JP2 for the use of his lens for the star shot! You need to click on it and see the larger image to really appreciate the scope of it and if you look closely you can see a satellite. Pretty darn cool!

The next night wasn’t as great for stars but the moon did make a nice appearance!

Love to capture airplanes in the sky!

As well as cool ghostly shots:

The following images are a series that I will call Ghostly Crab Hunting (these are shots of a group of people looking for ghost crabs):

Sooo much fun. More from Texas next time and maybe even a few from our new apartment. The view outside the window offers amazing opportunities!!!

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