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Low Shutter Speed Playtime

Nothing like getting a tripod and then have a ton of fun with low shutter speeds. A big thanks to JP2 for the use of his lens for the star shot! You need to click on it and see the larger image to really appreciate the scope of it and if you look closely you
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Birds, Birds, Birds

Here are some of the shots I got of the shore birds: Ring Billed Gull: Laughing Gull: Male Boat Tailed Grackle strutting his stuff: Female Boat Tailed Grackle being coy: A very curious juvenile Laughing Gull who let me get very close: And last but definitely not least my wife’s favorites, the Sanderlings: I couldn’t
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Can I get a little sunrise please…

So we (me, my mother with her video camera, and a good friend JP2) decided that we wanted to get up really early and catch the sunrise while at Va beach. So we wake up at 5:30 and walk out onto the upper deck only to be confronted with clouds… And thus we sit and
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A very nice sunset for our first taste of Austin: And what better to top off a very nice sunset…. Bats of course: Thousands of them!! It was very impressive and something that you should definitely check out! Just got back from vacationing in VA Beach. I have some great shots and will get some
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