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Tea Gardens

Sorry it has been a bit since my last post. Just moved into a new apt. Will have some pictures from all that soon! But back to Texas, below is a tea garden we visited in San Antonio. Very Pretty: The next set will be from Austin. Get ready for some bats!!!

Faces of San Jose

It’s kinda crazy how taking pictures of the individual sculptures all around San Jose can be quite creepy taken out of context and using the right lighting: Spooky, don’t ya think?

The Missions

We only got to see Conception, and San Jose. Well worth it though! Below is Conception: San Jose: As a treat, I want you to meet our friend Mr Cactus: Next post will be the Faces of San Jose. It will be creepy and cool! Check back soon!

San Antonio: Day 1

Welcome to the Alamo, which is right down town San antonio. It is one of 5 Missions in San Antonio. You will have to wait on the next post for Missions Conception and San Jose! It’s not easy getting an shot of the Alamo with no one in the shot. I have to be honest,
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Some Big Bend Wildlife

So request from a comment made me take another look through the Big Bend images again and I have some more images that I hope you will enjoy (don’t forget that you can click on any image to see a much larger version): Meet the Cactus Wren singin its little heart out: This is a
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Big Bend!

Welp, we are back from the Texas trip and here are some shots that I promised from Big Bend National park: Big Bend gets about 10 inches of rain a year…. Somehow we picked the day it got some… Its foretasted temperature was about 100… current temperature when we started out: 68. Still the rain
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