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Welcome to my new photo blog and gallery! I wanted to start this up for the reason most blogs are started: to give people and idea of what I am up to. Course I am doing it through photography. I also figure that I am more likely to update this than any other type of blog as I try to shoot as much as possible. My favorite pictures are those that evoke an emotion when viewing and I try to emulate that when I shoot. I hope you enjoy what you see! Let me know if you do!

Now on to the pictures:

The above picture was taken at Kure Beach near Wilmington, NC. It is actually 3 shots taken vertically. The colors were ok, but I really think it pops beautifully as a black and white! I find myself just staring off blissfully into the vastness of the ocean!

This one was also taken at Kure Beach. I felt it had a very sensual quality to it.

The following pictures were taken during a hike in the Fort Fisher State Recreation area. I hiked for about 1.5 miles one way to a viewing platform overlooking the marsh! Even though it was overcast it was beautiful!! I also got to add a couple more birds to my list!!

This is a sort of dock that goes right over the marsh offering a the feeling of being right in the middle of it all without getting wet!

Red-winged Blackbird. These guys were everywhere. Beautiful colors and calls!

White Ibis. This was a first for me! I had never seen on of these but they were also everywhere!!

Finally, here is a panorama of a part of the marsh!

That’s it for this post. Next week I am gonna be all over Texas and hopefully I will have access to the web. If so, you should be lookin forward to seeing some shots during the week. If not, then the week after for sure!!

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